SonarQube 9.9 NodeJs requirement Query

Hello Team,

We are planning to upgrade to sonarqube 9.9 from 8.9. Currently we are using node 12 for our code but i see sonarqube has a requirement for nodejs 14.17+.

We are planning to install nodejs 16 additionally and still have nodejs 12 for code.
Wanted to get confirmation if there would be an impact if we continue using 12 for code development and version 16 for sonarqube analysis?

Also we are using jenkins to run sonar analysis so do we need to set sonar.nodejs.executable point to location node js on jenkins servers or on sonarqube server?


Hi Ramya,

The requirement is to analyze with a current version of Node. Since you’re planning to have two versions of node, be sure to set sonar.nodejs.executable to the absolute path to Node.js 16 on your build agent.