Aske Release notes 9.7

Sonarqube Version 8.9 (enterprise)
Scanner version 4.7

Hi i have tested upgrade my sonarqube from 8.9 LTS to 9.9 LTS,
and i read about below release notes on version 9.7:
JavaScript, TypeScript, and CSS analysis now requires Node.js 14.17+ (9.7)
In order to analyze Javascript, Typescript, and CSS code, Node.js 14.17+ must be installed on the machine running the scan. We recommend that you use the latest Node.js LTS, which is currently Node.js 18.

some of our project is still using nodejs 14.17 below, but then i try the scanner it’ still getting result.
May i know what happen if we still using old nodejes version?


You need to analyze with a supported version of Node.js or analysis will fail. You can build/run with whatever version you like. Although I believe the versions of Node.js we no longer support are also EOL on the Node.js side too, so you probably want to upgrade just to keep up and make sure you’re benefiting from Node’s own patches and fixes.