SonarQube 9.6 https


I have Sonarqube 9.6 Enterprise configured with Nginx.

Currently this is what works:

  1. http://my-instance:9000 (we don’t want users to use this insecure port)
  2. https://my-instance/
  3. http://my-instance/ will forward to https://my-instance

I’d like to confirm if I can have https://my-instance:9000 or forward all requests from my-instance:9000 to https://my-instance, so users don’t have a chance to use the insecure port 9000.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there.

Surely you can – but this is a question for your Nginx/server configuration, and not something we can provide guidance on.

Most likely, you’ll want a firewall rule that blocks all ports except port 443 (for HTTPS) from the outside.