Sonarqube 9.5 configurations and contents

Am I correct in my understanding that the contents of Sonarqube is stored in the database? How about the configuration when it comes to how it is being authenticated, is that also in the database?

I’m trying to setup a DR site (for non-prod) in a different region in Azure. Setting this DR up is not through Azure site recovery but I 'm standing up a separate VM, while the DB has been replicated in the US East region of Azure. What I did so far is to install Sonarqube and will switch over the database to it’s replicated DB once i’m ready to switch. The contents of the replicated DB came from a working Sonarqube non-prod DB from the US West region.


Check the contents of the $SONARQUBE-HOME/conf/ file. Those things aren’t stored in the DB. Everything else is.

Be aware that if you’re using a commercial edition, a different DB URL will mean you need a different license key.


Thank you very much. I was able to do the DR exercise in my non-prod environment!

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