Sonarqube is auto resetting the credentials to admin after certain no of days

Hi Team,
I am using sonarqube community edition hosted in azure container instance and i am consuming in my .net core api applications all working well but the issue is once i had logged in i have changed my password after certain no of days the password is resetting back to Admin and also all my projects are completely gone i need to re-configure every time may i know how to resolve this issue ?

I have used the reference code from this link below,

Managing technical debt with SonarQube and Azure DevOps | Azure DevOps Hands-on-Labs

More over i am not using any database for storing the results as i don’t need right now.

Your help is highly appreciated.


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That’s your problem. You actually do need a database. If you don’t provide SonarQube with a database, it will spin up a local H2 DB, which is intended only to ease initial evaluation.

At a guess, you have some system external to SonarQube that is shutting down and cleaning out your SonarQube instance every few days. That has the effect of throwing away the H2 DB and thus resetting your admin password and wiping out your projects.

Once you’ve set up an external DB and connected SonarQube to it, then your next task is to make sure those configurations persist across restarts (and maybe even to figure out what it is that’s wiping out SonarQube currently and making it stop).


Thank you for your reponse i will try to configure the database to resolve this issue.

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