Sonarqube 8.7 Community Unknown url /api/alm_settings/create_bitbucketcloud

Hi, I am using sonarqube 8.7 community and I am trying to generate an ALM connection with bitbucket cloud.

When saving the changes I get the message “Unknown url: /api/alm_settings/create_bitbucketcloud”

Checking in the available api after the update to sonarqube 8.7.0-community I do not have the api that is used in the integration.
Is this functionality unique to other versions? Is it a bug in the sonarqube version that does not include the api?

Thanks a lot

in fact, is only available from developer edition, because community doesn’t support analysis from multi branches.

We need to install developer edition.

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Thanks a lot!
In any case, it is confusing that there is the option to integrate bitbucket cloud in ALM in the community version, since this option is not really possible.

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