SonarQube 7.4 Released

Hi all,

:confetti_ball:SonarSource is proud to announce the release of SonarQube 7.4 today!:confetti_ball:

You can find the details of the most compelling new features in the official announcement.

In addition, here are a few things you probably want to take note of:

  • Coverage is now available on PRs and short-lived branches :heart_eyes:
  • We’ve added granular “create” permissions for Portfolios and Applications, and users with any create permission (including projects!) now have access to do that through the new “+” item in the top menu. You’ll want to make sure your default templates are set up to grant Administer to Creators
  • We’ve renamed “Leak” to “New Code” throughout the UI (because it’s just so much easier to explain!)
  • Analysis will now fail with an invalid New Code Period (details)
  • C#/VB.NET analysis now imports all issues found by Roslyn analyzers attached to the solution, so this could affect your projects’ Quality Gates
  • We’ve embedded most of the documentation directly into the platform (look under the “?” in the top menu) so the correct docs for your version are always at your fingertips

As always, check the upgrade notes and release notes very carefully.

Download is available at


A driver upgrade rendered the database name case-sensitive in the JDBC URL for this version. You can follow SONAR-11443 for the status of this issue.


Is this the same what we had in sonarcloud? Or is it including more details, like decorating the lines with the coverage details?


Yes. Let’s say we guinea-pigged it on SonarCloud. :slight_smile:


Ann, can we expect a docker image for this version?


That’s the intent, but obviously not concurrent with the initial release. If you haven’t heard something in a few weeks, ping us again.


Do you have any ETA for the docker image?

thank you


I really don’t. The current target is to produce a 7.4 image before 7.5 is released.


Same is here, we cannot upgrade until docker image is ready.
is it possible to give it a higher priority?

thanks a lot!


We are also waiting for a new docker image in order to upgrade. Is there a planned release date for 7.5 which we can use as the target date for the 7.4 docker image?


I build and upload Sonarqube 7.4 (unofficial) to docker hub.
I just changed the number 7.2 to 7.4.

The Dockerfile is opensourced ->

docker pull marcomsousa/sonarqube
docker run marcomsousa/sonarqube


I tested the new version 7.4 developer edition and from the documentation it says that it supports Bitbucket PRs decoration out of the box.

After configuring the correct parameters it seams that this was not working.
Also from the GUI interface the drop down Provider does not include “Bitbucketcloud” and the only to options are “Gitlab” and “VSTS”.

Please let me know if this is a cloud only feature or this will be provide for the on premise Sonarqube instances.

Also for some reason the plugin that helped and provided this functionality has stopped working and it’s not backward compatible with 7.4. It only works until version 7.2.1

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Hi Marco,

I greatly appreciate that you put this together, however our IT will only accept “official” Docker images, while yours is a “community” docker image.


Hi @ganncamp,
we are currently using the last LTS Version (in 6.7.4 … not 6.7.5 yet) and i wanted to try out the newest non-LTS version.

First of all, after having written all this i wanted to put the P.S. in front once more … i just wanted to get that off my chest. It would be nice to get input on the sentences with question marks, at least. :wink:

I just wanted to comment to let you know that trying to switch from 6.7-LTS to mostcurrent non-LTS is really not a nice experience i am having in this moment. (postgresql9.2/licence/plugin-incompatibilities)

License incompatibility Users coming from 6.7.5 must not upgrade to this version. Your license will be incompatible. Instead, if you seek an upgrade to an intermediate version before the next L.T.S. version, you must start from 7.3 or higher.
What does this mean in case am coming from 6.7.5? Am i assuming correctly that if i am starting from 7.3 that means that i am starting from a clean installation? So there is currently no way to “in place” use a db-backup and upgrade that to mostcurrent non-LTS? //edit: Ahh … or does that mean i need to first upgrade to 7.3? Probably not. Or am i right? This is confusing.

I can understand that most of it probably is not of your concern as i found every bit mentioned in the releasenotes but maybe you can take this comment and try to use knowledge about my painpoints to make some things even more better/clear/easy to go through …

Also i am under the impression that it might not be in the center of Sonarsource’s interest to be a friendly host to the findbugs/checkstyle/pmd analyzers. Am i wrong there? If i am recalling correctly it is already your vision to “reimage” (and improve) their checks so that one would not need them anymore, right?

I, personally, am currently thinking about how i can migrate without losing our configuration concerning findbugs/checkstyle … is there vision/roadmap/advice you might be able to share as to how that might be archievable? Or what would be the envisioned Way of doing it the “sonar way”?

Also … will the upgrade from 6.7-LTS to 7.4-LTS be more easy that what i am experiencing now?

Oh and: if i would want to scrap all old analysis history and start over from a clean slate … is there a way to export/import the user / usergroup / projectprefix config from 6.7.x to 7.x so that the scanned projects are getting picked up correctly or do i need to re-create that setup by hand?


P.S.: Sorry for this walloftext, feel free to edit/split/remove/move whatever you like if you like, i am just a bit exausted right now.

Hi @amunteanu,

The sections that mention Bitbucket Cloud should only have appeared in SonarCloud version of the documentation. SonarQube doesn’t yet support Bitbucket. Sorry for the confusion.


Hi @ganncamp,

Thank you for your clarification.
Do you happen to know if this will be available in the future for on premise version, and if yes what will be an estimated date?

Thanks again,

Hi Alex,

Our current plan to tackle Bitbucket in January. One would think that would let you use BB Cloud from a SonarQube instance, but I think the APIs may be different, between their Cloud and on-prem offerings (I haven’t looked at this at all) so… I’m not sure. Generally, we target support of cloud services with SonarCloud and support of on-prem services with SonarQube. When the APIs are the same, like with GitHub, you can cross-wire it. But I’m not sure how Bitbucket will come out.


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