SonarQube - 200 response but no PR Decoration

Hi all

We’re having some trouble getting SonarQube to comment on our Pull Requests.

SQ Version is: Version 8.6.1 (build 40680)

So far we have

However, when we raise a PR, there is no PR decoration and nothing shows up in SonarQube.

Doing some further digging, we can see the requests coming into SonarQube in the server logs, but then SonarQube doesn’t seem to do anything with the request and returns a 200 (it’s HTML loading screen) which can be seen in the git hook response (

We’ve checked GitHub permissions and the settings numerous times.

SonarQube also doesn’t seem to pick up the branches, showing only “master”. (

We can however successfully scan manually (using both docker and mac sonar-scanner-cli) but it’s the PR decoration we’re missing.

Any thoughts on what more we could/should be doing here would be great.


Hi Marc, welcome to the SonarSource Community!

While we integrate with GitHub for the purpose of decorating the PR after analysis, we do not automatically detect and analyze the code in any branches. You might have missed this blurb in the docs page you referenced:

For this, you need a CI system with awareness of the branch context to checkout, build, and scan the code. See the details here.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks. I thought SonarQube would pick up the key, branch and base from the payload from GitHub.

We’ll try setting this up with our CI tool we are using (Jenkins).

Thanks for your help.