Unable to do PR Decoration in GitHub for sonar 7.7

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Hi, and sorry about the late response.

First of all, if you’re using the Data Center Edition, then you must have paid support included. It’s best to contact our support team directly to get help in a timely fashion.

In your screenshot I see a required check on “sonarqube” context. I think that context was used in an older version of our pull request decoration. You will need to edit the settings of the repository to no longer expect this check, but the new one. (I believe the new context is going to be “SonarQube Code Analysis”. You’ll see it once the configuration is corrected. See below.)

On to the main subject: why is there no checks? Please verify each and every step in the documentation (the same document that you linked to). It’s complicated and there are many steps that can be overlooked.

In addition, please check if the server logs of SonarQube during startup contain the text “Github App integration enabled”, and don’t contain “Github App configuration is invalid. GitHub App feature is disabled”. Please confirm, this should help narrow down our investigation.

Did u resolved ur issue of Github integration with Sonarqube…please guide me how to do that as I am also trying to do this for my organizations but unable to do … I followed all the steps mentioned in the Sonarqube documentation but still unable to get PR decoration.
Please help me asap.

Hi Spandana,

Please help me how you have done GitHub integration with Sonarqube?I also want to do the same. But I am confused that how we can do this?

Please help me …it would be great help.


Hi @Nisha_Sahay,

If you are also using SonarQube 7.7 Data Center Edition, then I have the same answer and clarifications for you as I posted earlier.

If you are using a different version of SonarQube, then it’s better to start a new thread. Make sure to include details of what’s happening:

  • How you configured the integration (which steps did you follow? Share the link)
  • How do you run the scanner (which scanner, which parameters)
  • What do you see on SonarQube, for example: pull request is listed correctly, with a “See the PR” link to GitHub, but no decoration, some warnings: “x, y, and z”
  • Relevant SonarQube logs (see my answer earlier)

And in general, please always make sure to include some clues in your post, because just saying “unable to do”, “not working”, don’t help us understand the problem at all.

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