SonarLint VSCode not showing all errors

  • Versions
    • VSCode: 1.63
    • SonarLint Extension: v3.2.0
    • SonarQube Server: Enterprise EditionVersion 9.2.4 (build 50792)
  • 3 issues detected, but only one shows in “Problems”-Tab of VSCode.
    In the logs, you can spot, that 3 issues have been found, but only one is published to VSCode.
    I tried this first in the connectedMode, but this also applies to the “offline” mode, when activating only the following to rules: python:S113 and python:S1131
Info  - 11:38:11.204] Found 3 issues
[Trace - 11:38:11 AM] Received notification 'textDocument/publishDiagnostics'.
Params: {
    "uri": "file:///Users/jgiese/Python/CDP/cdp-expert-group-di-source/cdp_utils/",
    "diagnostics": [
            "range": {
                "start": {
                    "line": 109,
                    "character": 0
                "end": {
                    "line": 109,
                    "character": 58
            "severity": 3,
            "code": "python:S1131",
            "source": "sonarlint",
            "message": "Remove the useless trailing whitespaces at the end of this line.",
            "data": "b89aa0ec-edc0-4f54-b2f9-e1c6c9c5aca1"
  • To Reproduce:
  1. Create python module with blank space at end of line and no trailing newline.
  2. Check SonarLint output and Problems tab.
  • No workaround. In SonarQube (Server) it is showing fine.

Hello @JanGiese,

First, I am very sorry for the late reply.

The 2 rules that you mention create issues at file level, and they were not displayed until the latest version of SonarLint for VSCode. You could try to update and give it another try, the diagnostics should appear in the Problems view.

Thanks for reporting!