Issues found by sonarqube are not showing up in the vscode problem tab

[Debug - 16:23:22.291] GET 200 
[Debug - 16:23:22.291] Downloaded issues in 79ms
[Info  - 16:23:22.293] Fetched 3 vulnerabilities from <default>
[Info  - 16:23:22.298] Found 3 issues

After the 3 issues are found, I am not able to see those problems in vscode.

Hello, welcome to the community! And thank you for reporting this.

Could you please provide some more details about your setup? Useful information would be:

  • Your version of VScode (latest is 1.56 as of writing)
  • Your version of SonarLint (latest is 1.21 as of writing)
  • Since it seems that you are using connected mode, whether it is with SonarCloud or with a SonarQube server, and if so its edition and version (latest is 8.9 LTS as of writing)

From the log extract you provided, I believe you should see at least the 3 taint vulnerabilities from the server highlighted (with a squiggly underline) in the source code, as well as in the “Problems” view. If not, could you please provide a longer log extract?