SonarLint used in commercial applications

I working with a small to medium company producing software. My department consists of some 10 C++ developers. I have the task to implement static code analysis (SCA) for this C++ department. I found SonarLint very useful and I am in the phase of evaluation the product. Suppose my department decides to use SonarLint as the SCA tool, is it legal to use it for producing a commercial product without paying a licence for using it?

Hello Florin and welcome to the community!

Absolutely, you are free to use SonarLint! You can find the license here.

In case that you also want to integrate analysis into your CI process or in case that you want to use the SonarLint connected mode, for SonarQube C++ support is available starting from the Developer Edition.


Thank you very much for your clear answer. My secret plan ist to start with SonarLint, have a lot of success with it and advance to SonarQube, but please do not tell others, this plan I want to keep as a secret, at least for some time…


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