Can a Enterprise Use SonarQube8.9(LTS) Community edition. cxx and cppcheck

I have sonarqube 8.9(LTS) installed on one of my office machine.
i have also installed cxx community plugin 2.5
im running cppcheck to generate reports.

Is it allowed legally under license to use sonarqube 8.9(LTS) for a enterpirse(Organization)
Is it allowed legally under license to use cxx community plugin version 2.5 with sonarqube8.9(LTS) ?
is it allowed to configure more thank 10 projects under license on sonarqube server ?


Welcome to the community!

Yes! Our mission is to help developers write better code, whether that’s for personal projects or for their employers.

Yes, if you must. :joy:
Altho IMO you’d really be better off with Developer Edition($) which starts at only $150/year and includes not just analysis of C and C++ but also branch and PR analysis. :grin:

Yes, of course. Analyze as many lines of code, in as many projects as you’d like.