SonarLint Setup for Multi Module Projects

(Brandon Groves) #1

I am trying to setup SonarLint with SonarQube in Intellij. My Intellij project has multiple modules in it.

Example Project View:


The problem I have is I want to setup each module to point to the different SonarQube Projects. Right now it looks like I can only setup 1 SonarQube Project for the whole Intellij Project and not at the Module level. I see in the Project Structure -> Modules view there is a SonarLint tab but it doesn’t let me edit that for each module.

Is there a way to setup each module to point to different SonarQube Projects?

(Julien Henry) #2


That’s not possible. We assume you open in you IDE a full SQ project, or a subset of a SQ project.

Can you elaborate on your use case please?


(Brandon Groves) #3

I have multiple github projects that map 1 to 1 with SQ projects. My Intellij environment is setup in such a way that each github project is added as modules to a single intellij project. So since my environment is setup with multiple modules I would like to set the SQ project at the module level.

It can be a similar use-case as seen from the community plugin.

(Adam Gabryś) #4

Some time ago “multiple project bindings” feature has been reported:

Feel free to vote :slight_smile: