SonarLint+SonarCloud+Gradle Multiprojects

SonarLint does not support gradle multiprojects.

  1. We use sonarcloud to publish sonar reports.
  2. We have a monolith with gradle multiprojects configs.
  3. Each module is configured as a separate project in Sonarcloud.

In SonarLint IntelliJ Idea plugin you can configure only one project (module) of multiproject, and all other won’t be analyzed. Each time you need to select project in setup to be able to analyze file from specific module.

SonarLint - v4.0.2.3009
IntelliJ IDEA - 2019.1.2

Sorry for the late reply. My understanding is that you want to bind different IntelliJ modules to different SonarCloud projects.
We have a ticket for that, with already a lot of votes:

This is technically challenging, but we are considering giving a try this year.