Intellij Plugin does not allow multiple project bindings


(Michael Düsterhus) #1

The Sonarlint Eclipse plugin allows to assign a separate binding for each module group inside an Eclipse project.
With the IntelliJ plugin I only can assign one binding to the complete project, but the project consists of multiple git repositories containing each separate maven module groups with separate sonar projects.

SonarLint Setup for Multi Module Projects
(Nicolas Bontoux) #2

Hi there,

Can you clarify why you’re not analysing one git repo as one SonarQube project ? That’s the standard expectation for a bunch of reasons (not just SonarQube-related, but also in terms of overall CI/CD integration).

Not doing this is likely what prompts your need on the SonarLint side, but for now I see that as a collateral of the root-cause here: the unusual analysis approach (multiple SQ projects within one Git repo) you have in place.

(Michael Düsterhus) #3

No we use one SonarQube project for each git repo, but have multiple git repos inside one IntelliJ Project

(Adam Gabryś) #4

The problem is related to difference between workspaces in Eclipse and IntelliJ. Eclipse workspace allows storing multiple projects and the same time. IntelliJ treats workspace as a one project and allows importing modules. Many developers don’t want to open one IntelliJ instance per project so they import projects as modules.

In my company we have excacly the same problem and we also want to report this idea :smile:

(Simon Godard) #5

We have the exact same need: One Intellij project with modules that map to Git repos. Each module maps to a Sonarqube project.

(Gayan Perera) #6

This is something that keeps me away from using Idea since i’m obsessed with SonarLint :slight_smile:. I think what we need here is the binding support for modules found in the Intellij Project similar to VCS roots configuration in IntelliJ when there are multiple VCS roots found. But i do agree that the plugin design has been done to align the intended usage of the IDE :slight_smile: even though the intended usage is not practical.

(Guillaume Monjal) #7


On our side we have the exact same need as well.

(Gayan Perera) #8

@NicoB any update on this request ?

(Johannes Renoth) #9

We have a gradle multi-module Project with different Subversion roots as well and would love to be able to configure the sonarqube project of each module individually as well with SonarLint.

(Samuel Haggren) #10

Looking forward to this feature!