SonarLint setting "Exclude using GLOB pattern for current project" is not saved in intellij IDEA

  • versions used
    (Sonarlint-Intellij plugin : - Latest as of today)
    (Intellij IDEA) : 2020.2 Release, 2020.2.1 RC - Latest as of Today

  • Context: I want to ignore sonar analysis for all java files for current project.

  • steps to reproduce

  1. Go to:
    [ Intellij settings -> Tools -> SonarLint -> Project Settings -> File exclusions -> Click Add (+ Symbol) -> Exclude using GLOB pattern -> **/*.java ]
    (SonarLint will ignore analysis for all java files in current project - Perfect)

  2. Restart Intellij, above setting is not saved and SonarLint will do analysis for all files.


Thanks for joining the community and for raising this issue!

I can reproduce the problem, I created a ticket so you can keep track of the problem:

Thanks again!

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