SonarLint plugin for IntelliJ IDEA spawns tens of tasks that all look the same

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  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • SonarLint plugin version:
  • Programming language you’re coding in: Java
  • Is connected mode used: No

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The plugin spawns tens of threads and those get stuck for a long time. See attached stack dump. This is with IDEA 2024.1 (Ultimate Edition), Build #IU-241.14494.240.

idea-jstack.txt (1.2 MB)

Hey there

The latest version is v10.5 – can you see if the issue is still reproducible?

Yes. It still does that with Stack dump attached.
idea-jstack-2.txt (581.3 KB)

Hi @Vaclav_Haisman

We are aware of this issue and we will try to improve the behavior, we should not queue analysis for the same files over and over

I created this ticket for this:

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