SonarLint Plugin never finishes report

There is no error in the logs just the scanning message: scanning 84 files …
Since the latest update the ui is blocked constantly and the log states: scanning file xxx. done. (during writing)
Also the RAM consumption is getting higher and higher.

IntelliJ: 2020.3.2
Plugin: SonarLint


A new version that fixes some issues has just been released. Could you please update and check if you still have the issue ?



sorry for the late reply.

Still got the performance issue.

Without errors, the scan runs endless in the background task and sometimes blocks the UI.


I am not able to reproduce on my side. Could you send us the logs ? You can find how to enable more verbose logs here.



verbose logging states:
‘Downloaded project details in 37ms’ nothing more
and in the IDEA log … ‘Sonar analysis finished’ but the task still appears as infinite background task.

again: without any error/warnings

Thanks for these screenshots. Would you mind sharing the whole logs as text ?

Sorry this is as far as I can go. Since there are sensitive information in the logs, which I’m not allowed to share - restricted by my company.

I did some fixes and one of them might help in your situation. Could you try to install this version and tell me if it helps ?


I’m afraid that I can only test official releases since I’m not allowed to download and install anything (proxy settings are crazy).

I understand. The new version is released now, you should be able to update

Hi Damien,

since this morning it seems there were no issues left. Thank you for your support and responsivness.


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