Sonarlint only show findings from sonarqube server

Is there any way to show only the findings from a sonarqube instance and not to scan locally the files ???

Hey there.

I suppose if you just want to see the findings you would just… go to SonarQube. Why do you not want the files scanned locally?

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For future reference I found the way just add the server and project key in sonarlint and then in every file you open it pulls info from the server for this specific file. I don’t have found any way yet to display all issues for the project.

Hello Thanos,

I wanted to clarify a few things even if you closed the thread.

The main use case of SonarLint is to analyze files locally on-the-fly while you are coding. When connected to a SonarQube instance or SonarCloud, SonarLint indeed downloads issues from the server, but not to display them as is: instead we use them to suppress locally detected issues that were marked as resolved on the server.

The only exception is for taint vulnerabilities: in this case we display what comes from the server.

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