Can not see Code Scan issues from connected server inside IntelliJ

versions used

  • org.sonarlint.idea (
  • node JS 16.8.0
  • IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1.3 (Community Edition)
    Build #IC-211.7628.21, built on June 30, 2021
    Runtime version: 11.0.11+9-b1341.60 amd64
    VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o.
    Windows 10 10.0
    Memory: 12000M
  • sonar qube Version 8.9.1 (build 44547)

error observed

steps to reproduce

  1. Open Sonar Qube Project Page and select a file with errors
    Bug 0
    Vulnerability 7
    Code Smell 32
    Security Hotspot 0
  2. Open Account Manager in IntelliJ
  3. Update Project Bindings

Result: No errors are shown.

How to see the 39 problems from Sonar Qube inside Visual Code? I know that there are limitations of executing anything locally, so I just want to see the server results.

Somehow I did trigger an issue download for all open files, I found logs which did download an issue list of each file and it did contain all server issue, but I didn’t see the result in IntelliJ. Maybe the local analysis with 0 issues did overwrite it.


Welcome to the community!

Apex is currently not supported in IntelliJ, even when connected to SonarQube or SonarCloud. I suggest you open a thread in the Suggest a new feature section.

SonarLint indeed downloads issues from the server. The goal is not to display them directly but to try to match them with local detections. There is no plan to display server detected issues in SonarLint.

Hope this helps

Edit: as pointed out in your other thread, the issues you refer to have probably been raised by a third-party analyzer, which we don’t run in SonarLint.

So if you don’t want to display any Server Issues, then the only available solution which does it would be:

But this thing doesn’t support any expected feature. It just lists the Issues with a Link to the Line. You cannot compare this to your SonarLint Solution. I would even say: an Iframe to the SonarQube UI would be more useful than :smiley:

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