SonarLint not displaying Quick Fix suggestions when hovering over issue

I’m using sonarLint 3.6 with eclipse Luna. When hovering over a sonarLint issue, the popup displays the description of the issue, however, in the lower half of the popup where quick fixes should be displayed, there is only an icon to configure annotations, no quick fixes displayed.sonarlintIssue


Thanks for your high expectations! You’re not getting quick fixes because we haven’t implemented them, and unfortunately, this isn’t on our short list.


I may not be using the correct term. Maybe I should have used tooltip instead. The image below is how the tooltip looks from a JBoss IDE. As you can see from my original image, the ‘quick fix’ in the lower half does not display the way it does in the JBoss IDE image. The ‘quick fix’ used to display in eclipse, I’m not sure if a setting got changed or something else, but it doesn’t display anymore.


Thank you for reporting this.

I confirm that this is a regression, quick fixes no longer work in Luna and Mars. It should work in Neon and above.

I created a ticket to track the fix:

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