Reduce priority of quick fixes in eclipse plugin

(Mathias Helminger) #1

The feature SLE-170 added quick fixes for sonarlint to the eclipse java editor. While I generally like this feature, it comes in the way of productivity when someone relies very much on ctrl+1 for code completion through quickfixes (inline variable, changing method signatures etc, …) Some of these existing quickfixes even solve exactly what the sonar market is about.

Sonar lint’s quickfixes appear at the top of this list nearly all the time and i did not find a way to:

  • Temporarily hide them
  • Move them to the end of the quick fix list
  • Hide them from Ctrl+1 (and put them elsewhere)

Does someone else have this problen or is it just me?

(Btw also sry for commenting on jira issue found through google first, thx for the link here @Julien_HENRY )

(Julien Henry) #2

Hi Mathias,

Thanks for this good feedback. I gave a quick look, and discovered a new Photon API that would allow to tune the quick fix order. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for this precise use case.
I have opened an issue on Eclipse side, let’s wait for a response before taking any decision: