Sonarlint not Compatible with RAD

  • Windows
  • SonarLint plugin version: Latest
  • Java
  • ISonarCloud

Trying to install in Sonarlint in IBM Ration Application Developer is not possible.
Do you have Sonarlint version that is Compatible with IBM Ration Application Developer.

Hello @miq,

could you please provide some more information detail on the following points:

  • IBM RAD: Which underlaying Eclipse version does it use?
  • Java: Which Java version are you using?
  • As said Installation ist not possible: Can you please share the error message / stacktrace you are getting when trying to install SonarLint for Eclipse?

Thank you!

  • Eclipse Oxygen (4.7)

  • Java 1.8

  • Not compatible version

Hello @miq ,

sadly this Eclipse and Java version are outdated and therefore not supported: We only support Eclipse Photon (4.8) as the oldest possible version and at least Java 11 as runtime.

Maybe with an upcoming RAD update IBM decides to update the underlaying Eclipse version, but we have no influence on that. For now there is no SonarLint support due to the version constraint.


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