Sonarlint is not showinh the Rules for languages

Hi All,

we are using
Eclipse IDE 2020-3 version and integrated with SonarLint plugin 3.0 version.
The issue is we are not able to see the default sonar Rules for languages in Eclipse.

Is Eclipse 2020-3 is compatible with the Sonarlint 3.0? or any version issue.


Hey there.

Only the latest version of SonarLint is supported at any given time. The latest version of SonarLint for Eclipse is v7.4, and is the version you should use.

Thanks for quick response,

By using Sonarlint 5.0 is working fine.

For eclipse 2020-3 is sonarlint latest version is compatible?


Yes. Compatibility is listed at SonarLint | Eclipse Plugins, Bundles and Products - Eclipse Marketplace.

That link doesn’t show any SonarLint version at all. Only Eclipse versions list alone

5.0 doesn’t work with Eclipse 2020-03. Does it work for you?

Hey there.

As stated earlier, only the latest version of SonarLint for Eclipse is supported, which is 7.4. Why are you trying to use 5.0?

Because it takes a very long time for my company to request and approve new FOSS items and loaded into our Nexus repo for everyone to download and install. Is it just my company or there are others like that too?

I’m also running into the same issue. Please update if you get a resolution