SonarLint for Eclipse compatibility matrix


Is there somewhere a compatibility matrix for SonarLint for Eclipse ?

I mean a compatibility matrix for the whole set : SonarQube / SonarLint / Eclipse releases.
I tried to google it but could not find any relevant information.

This requests arises from a support request from our end-users having trouble with the plugins since our upgrade to 7.9.2.

Example of error message:

Unable to update data from server '<server_name>'
Error 400 on <server_name>/api/rules/search.protobuf?f=repo,name,severity,lang,htmlDesc,htmlNote,internalKey,isTemplate,templateKey,actives&statuses=BETA,DEPRECATED,READY&p=21&ps=500: Can return only the first 10000 results. 10500th result asked. 

Thanks for your help.


Hi Vincent,

Short answer: you have to update SonarLint. The issue you report has been fixed long time ago:

Long answer: maintaining such matrix would be very difficult. When we release a version of SonarLint, we know at the moment what is the compatibility with existing SonarQube versions. But to keep the matrix accurate on the long run, we would have to re-validate older versions continuously.

Our strategy is to follow SonarQube LTS lifecycle. New SonarLint releases always support SonarQube LTS and later. In practice, to give more time for companies to move from one LTS to another, we are even supporting the former LTS as long as possible (currently still supporting 6.7).

On the other side, SonarQube web API maintain backward compatibility on a best effort approach, so older versions of SonarLint should work with newer SonarQube versions, but with no strong commitment. We usually try to anticipate cases where compatibility will be broken, to give enough time for people to update.

As a general rule, we consider that people will update SonarLint regularly. I know some companies are “locking” developer environments for years, but then we assume a consistent ecosystem (if you use an old SonarLint, you should use a contemporary SonarQube).

Regarding Eclipse compatibility, you can have a look at the marketplace (but again, this is only for the latest version of SonarLint):

Eclipse Versions:

2020-06 (4.16), 2020-03 (4.15), 2019-12 (4.14), 2019-09 (4.13), 2019-06 (4.12), 2019-03 (4.11), 2018-12 (4.10), 2018-09 (4.9), Photon (4.8), Oxygen (4.7), Neon (4.6), Mars (4.5), Luna (4.4), 2020-09 (4.17)

Thanks @Julien_HENRY,
Indeed, we already updated the plugins and it solved the issue.

The questions was more about to request if there were some documentation that explains the non-compliance.

Your answer seems fine to me.
But I think it would be great at least to have to keep the compatibility history.
I understand that regression tests on older SonarQube release is a duty you cannot afford.

But at least, if the information provided on the marketplace remained readable for older SonarLint release, it would give us a hint when investigating on such problems.

To get clear (sorry, if I am not), it would be great, for a given release of SOnarLint, to have:

  • the information about the current SonarQube LTS release at the date of the delivery (compliance guaranteed).
  • the information about the the supported Eclipse versions.

With this information, we could check if we have a consistent environment and quickly see what shall be updated.

=> So no need to have a full compliance matrix difficult to manage, just a snapshot of what has been tested for the delivery (not only for the latest version of the plugin).

What do you think ? Even if it is only provided for future releases.

Anyway, thanks for your quick feedback and have a good day.


FYI I have started writing a full documentation of SonarLint for Eclipse in the GitHub Wiki. This is still work in progress but I plan to add a compatibility matrix.

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