SonarLint IntelliJ squiggles not appearing

Hi, I’m trying to use SonarLint with IntelliJ. It seems to be working fine, except I don’t get squiggles in my code if there is a SonarLint issue.

I can list the issues in the SonarLint tab of IntelliJ, I can also see the issues as error (red) in the scrollbar of the code. If I hover it, I see the issue description and it gets highlighted if I selected it from the issues list. The only thing that doesn’t show is visual feedback (red squiggles) under the code.

Is there a setting that I was unable to find?

Hi @rremigius

In IntelliJ we are using the same UI pattern than native IntelliJ inspections to report issues. So you should see yellow highlighting:

This is configurable in IntelliJ settings:

Sorry for the late reply! Notification got lost in mail.
I see! So it was highlighting just not with squiggles but with a (much less clear) background. Now I know how to customize it. Thanks!

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