SonarLint IntelliJ not showing issues configured in SonarQube

I was about to ask why SonarQube shows different (more) issues than when using SonarLint in connected mode, but after many hours messing around I found the problem/bug. Only issues configured in the default quality profile are used by SonarLint. So if you have extended the ‘Sonar Way’ java profile with some more rules and assigned it to the project, those rules are not being used. Only when setting the new profile as the global default they’re picked up by SonarLint. This seems to be a recent regression (not sure since which version) as this used to work fine even if the project’s profile was not also the global default.

Hi @Heiko

It is indeed a recent regression on SonarLint for IntelliJ 4.1. It has been fixed in the 4.1.1 bugfix release. If that’s not the case for you, let us know.

Thanks for the feedback.