Quality Profile RegEx changes not synced to IntelliJ


I’ve added a new default Quality Profile for Java project on the server side, which is used by our CI servers and also by SonarLint (checked the verbose logs on binding).

Now I’ve added a connection to the SonarQube instance in IntelliJ and bound the local project to the SonarQube project.
Everything is working fine so far.

However, the custom quality profile overwrites a RegEx for test case names, essentially allowing them to end with Sollte.

If I look at SonarQube, no issue is shown here:


However, if I open the same file in IntelliJ, the following issue is shown:

But the SonarLint tool window doesn’t show this issue:

Is the RegEx change not correctly synced for the issues in the editor? They must be there somehow, because the tool window issues seem to acknowledge the new RegEx :slight_smile:


Could it be an IntelliJ native inspection, or any other linter than SonarLint?

SonarLint hover tooltip looks a bit different:

Oh gosh, you’re right.
That must have been added recently.
I didn’t think about a builtin inspection because normally they have “Disable Inspection” in the quick fix.
Sorry for bothering :slight_smile:

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