SonarLint IBM Integration Bus Support


(Amlan Madhab Panigrahi) #1

My team uses IBM Integration Bus Toolkit, for developing message broker applications. It is a middleware, which is built on top of Eclipse. Is the SonarQube team planning to develop a SonarLint plugin for IIB anytime soon?

P.S. We don’t want to use the SonarEclipse Plugin, which happens to require the installation of some 3rd party tools, which is against our client policies.

(Julien Henry) #2

Hi @hackassin

Can you clarify what you mean by:

which happens to require the installation of some 3rd party tools

Are you talking about SonarLint for Eclipse?

(Amlan Madhab Panigrahi) #4

Hi @Julien_HENRY,

No, I didn’t mean that. Apart from SonarLint, there’s a working plugin called as SonarEclipse. It requires the desktop SonarQube client and a 3rd party plugin - “MB-Precise”.

(Julien Henry) #5

I found this link for MB-PRecise:

Still not sure what is the SonarEclipse plugin. Is it the ancestor of SonarLint that we (SonarSource) developed few years ago?

Anyway, SonarLint is only executing SonarSource analyzers, and I’m not aware of any plan to support IBM Integration Bus Toolkit at short term.

(Amlan Madhab Panigrahi) #6

Yes, Henry perhaps it’s the ancestor of SonarLint. You may refer this link:

Thanks for your response regarding the IIB Toolkit plugin support. But can you please confirm regarding the same?

(Julien Henry) #7

I don’t understand this question, sorry. What is the information you are asking for?