SonarLint for Erlang?


I know there is a SonarQube plugin for Erlang by the community.

But I would like to run it locally using SonarLint. Is there some porting guide or similar since the API for plugins on the server and SonarLint seems to be a little bit different?

I realize that SonarLint doesn’t support Erlang so I have to overcome that too in some way. But that I think I have solved.

Thanks for a great tool


SonarLint isn’t extensible. It has a hardcoded list of official language plugins and this limitation is also mentioned on SonarLint FAQ:

Third party analyzers are not executed in SonarLint
Some issues may be reported in SonarQube by a plugin leveraging a third party analyzer (PMD, Checkstyle, ESLint, PyLint, …). SonarLint will only run rules from SonarSource analyzers including custom rules extending SonarSource analyzers . Third party analyzers usually have their own IDE integration, so we have no plan to run them in SonarLint.

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Hello Lucas,

Felipe’s answer is correct, I would just add that as SonarLint is open source, you can fork it and modify this whitelist. The language support for each IDE varies, you can find an example here for IntelliJ.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I was thinking of fork sonarlint to add Erlang.
But I also want to add support for the SonarSource analyser GitHub - evolution-gaming/sonar-erlang: SonarQube Server plugin for Erlang project analysis. which seems to work in SonarQube but doesn’t have API as Sonarlint?

Or are SonarSource analysers, like the Java one suppose to be both for Sonarlint and SonarQube.


Hello @Lucas3oo,

There are some specificities for SonarLint, but the same plugin can work in SonarLint and SonarQube context. I encourage you to give a try and come back with more specific questions if you have any