SonarLint for VS Code - Requirement for Java JRE V11


SonarLint for VS Code now requires a Java Runtime V11.
This is a problem in our company because we only have Java V8 and there is no plan, at least in the short term, to switch to another Java version.
The blocking in Java V8 was decided as a result of the fact that the Oracle Java licenses became chargeable after this version.
Our systems teams do not undertake work on the implementation of another Java, like for example OpenJDK.

As a result, SonarLint is no longer operational on our workstations.

Hi, thank you for your feedback.

I feel for you, it’s a pity that your company does not allow your developers to switch to OpenJDK.

This being said, older versions of SonarLint are still available. So while your systems teams work on finding a way to move forward, you can still install version 2.3.0 from VSCode’s marketplace (see below) - and as far as I can tell, this should “pin” the version and prevent it from auto updating.