SonarLint for Visual Studio 7.3 - Clean Code attributes and Software qualities


If you follow SonarLint releases for the other IDEs we support (Eclipse, VS Code, JetBrains IDEs, Android Studio) you may have seen that the latest SonarLint versions focus was to bring our updated vision of Clean Code to SonarLint; you can read more about this important change in Sonar products here.

We’ve just rolled out this change for our Visual Studio users with the release of SonarLint version 7.3!

One of the more visible changes you’ll notice is that for each issue raised in your code, SonarLint reports the associated Clean Code attribute and the Software qualities that are impacted. You can learn more about those definitions here.

You can see more details about this release on GitHub.

Among the other SonarLint news, let me mention that our documentation is now available on the Sonar documentation website!