SonarLint for IntelliJ not reporting certain issues

SonarLint IntelliJ
Bound to SonarQube server running LTS version 6.7.3

We have squid:S00103 “Lines should not be too long” rule enabled in SonarQube. With SonarLint 4.0.0, long lines are marked both in the editor, and in the SonarLint tab. SonarLint doesn’t report them, but it still reports other issues, e.g. squid:S106

At first, a colleague noticed this, while my IDE still reported this. After I have updated the SonarLint plugin, it stopped reporting it for me as well. In both cases, I had up-to-date rule definitions downloaded from SonarQube through Update binding.

Hello, thank you for your feedback.

We tracked down the root cause for this regression, a bugfix is in the works. Sorry for the inconvenience!