SonarLint and SonarQube reporting different issue numbers


I’m using the SonarLint plugin in Intellij v4.4.0.14142 and I have it bound to a SonarQube project. For some reason the number of issues reported via the plugin in Intellij are different to the number when run in SonarQube - 142 vs 170. I have no custom exclusion as far as I am aware. Quality profile is Sonar way - Java.

An examples of something that appears SonarQube and not in SonarLint:

Other smells not being being picked up include:

  • Unused “private” fields should be removed tags: unused
  • @Deprecated” code should not be used tags: cert, cwe, obsolete

Any help appreciated.




Are the numbers you are providing for a single file, or the entire project?

Can you spot a particular file where you have difference between SonarQube and SonarLint, then enable verbose + analysis logs in the SonarLint log panel (see the FAQ for details) and paste logs of an analysis (for example after opening the file).

Also ensure that your binding is up to date: