SonarLint displayed issues do not match result from remote server

SonarQube version 7.7 (build 23042)
SonarLint version
Intellij version 2017.3.4

I have bound SonarLint to my remote SonarQube server, however the results displayed do not match the results returned by the server.

Screenshot removed

Apologies for the weird screenshot, I can only attach one image.

Any idea why the squid:S22590 issues are not displayed? The problem is not limited to that single rule when analyzing other files (I realize issues from 3rd party analyzers will not show up).

Edit: Of course I figured out the issue shortly after posting. I needed to update SonarLint’s remote server binding, as the quality profiles had changed. The missing rules were not in the previously used quality profile.


Can you give more details on the rule squid:S22590? I can’t find it on our instances. Is it a custom rule you have created on your side?

Hi Julien, the rule was S2259, not S22590, sorry.

I figured out the issue though, my original post has been edited to reflect that

No worries, thanks for the update.