SonarLint Extension unresponsive - VS 2017


(Pradeep Singh Bora) #1

SonarLint for VS 2017 caused unresponsiveness.

(Pradeep Singh Bora) #2

(Valeri Hristov) #3

Hi @Pradeep1409Bora, this is a known problem that was fixed in the latest release of SonarLint for Visual Studio, version 4.8. Please, let us know if it persists after the upgrade.

(Pradeep Singh Bora) #4

Still there is a delay.

(Valeri Hristov) #5

Ok, so there could be another problem then. When does the yellow bar appear? When you open an empty Visual Studio or when you open a solution? Could you share what are you doing? What is the hardware of the machine you are using (CPU, RAM, etc.)? If you are opening a connected solution, does it have many suppressed issues (e.g. marked as won’t fix for example) in SonarQube?

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VS 2017
It appears only when I open the Solution. SonarLint does not even work when there is no solution opened, It need a solution see the below screenshot.

As soon as I open the solution I get this delay error.

Workstation Information :-
Model :- Dell Precision 7510
Processor :- Intel® Core™ i7- 6820HQ CPU @ 2.70GHz
RAM :- 16.0 GB
System Type :- 64 bit Operating System, x64- Based Processor

(Valeri Hristov) #7

Hi @Pradeep1409Bora, thanks for your reply. I created a new ticket for this problem:

I cannot give ETA at this moment, but such problem is a showstopper for the adoption of SonarLint and will be treated with priority.