SonarLint freezes Visual Studio 2022 after solution is loaded

Recently, after I installed SonarLint for Visual Studio extension in Visual Studio 2022 solution loading got slower and Visual Studio IDE started freezing itself. After some time when solution is loaded, and UI starts responding again yellow bar appears with such notification: Visual Studio stopped responding for 13s. Disabling SonarLint for Visual Studio 2022 RC2 might help..
I do not think this is something specific to new version of extension because similar case was in Visual Studio 2019. I believe it might have something in common with quite a big solution that is loaded. Anyway, I think size of the solution should not matter and any computation needed should not be done in UI thread but in the background.

  • Version: Visual Studio 2022 17.0.0 with SonarLint for Visual Studio 2022 RC2
  • Steps to reproduce: open a big solution (my sln has 104 projects which unfortunately I cannot share)’

Hi @eltu - welcome to the community.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve created a couple of tickets to investigate what is causing the gold bars e.g. Investigate performance bottlenecks at startup · Issue #2769 · SonarSource/sonarlint-visualstudio · GitHub

One question: are you using standalone mode or Connected Mode?

Hello @duncanp, thank you for warm welcome.

The solution causing the issue seems to be working in standalone mode. It was not yet migrated to and therefore probably has incorrect server host configured (on premises sonar server that is not reachable).

@eltu thanks for the additional info.

So the solution is bound, but to an unreachable internal server?

FYI you can manually “unbind” the solution by deleting the .sonarlint folder and removing the references to SonarLint ruleset from the MSBuild projects.

Yes, that’s correct.

I know I can remove all references for now, but the solution is pending migration to anyway shortly so it is not worthy to do it for whole solution because as I said it’s over 100 C# projects.

Hi @eltu,

FYI we’ve just release v5.2 of SonarLint fo Visual Studio, which includes a fix for a gold bar that appeared when opening a connected solution (see #2791 for more information).

Could you let us know if it fixes your problem please?

Hello @duncanp!

Just updated the extension and I can confirm that this release has fixed the gold bar for me as well as freezing the UI while solution is loading. Thanks a lot!

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Hi @eltu. Glad to hear it, and thanks for letting us know!

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