Sonarlint Eclipse can't read SonarQube server credentials after upgrade to Eclipse 2021-09

My configuration:
Eclipse 2021-09 (4.21.0)
Ubuntu 20.04.3
SonarQube Server

Up to the previous version of Eclipse (2021-06) my SonarLint plugin connected to the SonarQube server using a user token.

After the upgrade to Eclipse 2021-09 SonarLint reports an error whenever I open or select an Eclipse project:
“‘Fetch server issues for myproject’ has encountered a problem.”
“Unable to read server credentials from storage: No password provided.”

I assume the plugin has somehow ‘forgotten’ that it is configured to use a token and tries to read credentials from the Gnome keyring, which it can’t access for some reason. Other Eclipse plugins like subclipse or git access the keyring just fine.

I tried configuring the plugin with a new token, but the dialog “Edit SonarQube connection” also fails with the error message:
“Cannot create connection: Unable to store connection credentials in secure storage: No password provided.”

Hi @hok

Using a token or username/password doesn’t change anything here, we will store it in the Eclipse secure storage in both cases.

Maybe you could have a look at Eclipse error view (or Eclipse logs) to see if there is a more detailed exception or stacktrace.

I’m also using Eclipse 2021-09 on Linux, and I faced many problems recently regarding the secure storage. One was a random crash of Eclipse, but this one seems to have been fixed in 2021-09.

I think there was also a change in the secure storage format, but I can’t find the ticket anymore. On my side I finally ended up dropping/recreating the entire secure storage to make it back to work. I removed the file ~/.eclipse/ and also removed the entry Equinox master password in Seahorse.
Of course if you do that you’ll have to re-enter all your credentials.

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Hi Julien,

thanks for your reply.

The eclipse log didn’t tell me more than the error message I had posted.

Anyway, deleting secure_storage and removing the equinox master password does the trick.
Fortunately I didn’t have to re-enter too many passwords.

But I too did experience random crashes since the upgrade (not before as you did). Eclipse simply vanished. Hasn’t happened again since I cleared the secure storage (yet).

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