SonarLint do not display violations for programs while working for other programs

Windows 64bits

  • eclipse 4.8
    -TOPAZ Workbench 20.12
    -SonarLint 5.0
    -COBOL Analyser
    -connected to SonarQube * Enterprise Edition* Version 8.9.2 (build 46101)

scénario :

  • import 2 programs in a project
  • analyse the first program : analyser runs and display issues in SonarLint Report view
  • analyse the second program : analyser runs BUT the SonarLint view is empty
    note : this program contains issues similar to the first program

subsidiary question : howto get the messages of the analyser ?
property sonar.verbose set to true in the preferences seems not working.

Hi @oboiteux

Having logs can indeed help to understand the difference between the two programs.

You can see here how to get the verbose logs.