SonarLint detect and use maven settings


I think it should be simple to use SonarLint if the plugin can fill sonarlint.connectedMode.project with the content of pom.xml

Hello, welcome to the community and thank you for your suggestion!

What kind of information do you think could be extracted from the POM to setup connected mode?

I believe that in simple cases (classic Maven project, only one server configured in the user settings), SonarLint could in theory extract the projectKey as ${project.groupId}:${project.artifactId} (as long as it is not overridden on the server). This could be used on initial import of a project to ask the developer whether they want to bind it.


In POM, you can override projectKey (default ${project.groupId}:${project.artifactId}) with property sonar.projectKey.
Maybe extract sonar configuration too ? (SQ for Maven)