SonarLint Analyze and Exclude menu options are disabled but the file is not excluded

Momentics® Integrated Development Environment
Version: 7.1.2.v202203081633
SonarLint for Eclipse
SonarQube 9.5 Enterprise Edition
Connected mode

On one of my files in my project the SonarLint “Analyze” and “Exclude” menu item are disabled. This just happened - they were enabled yesterday. The rest of the hundreds of files in my project are not impacted - they all have the menu options available. In the Window->Preferences->SonarLint->File Exclusions - the list is empty.

Any idea what I might have done and how to fix it?


Both your SonarQube and your SonarLint versions are pretty old. Can you upgrade SonarQube to at least 9.9.2, and SonarLint to and see if this is still replicable?


That is not under my control. I’m stuck with what we have.

I found the problem. There are SonarLint exclusion settings for the project as well as SonarLint exclusion settings for the IDE.

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