SonarLINT for Eclipse Not excluding configured folder from analysis

I’m using SonarQube V10.2.1.78527 running locally on my Ubuntu 22.03 and the Eclipse SonarLINT plugin to analyze a project. I configured a folder to be excluded like this:

And it is not working. SonarLINT is analyzing the files in that folder.

What am I missing?

Hey there.

What version of SonarLint for Eclipse are you using?

The SonarLint version seems to be

Thanks for the update. Re-reading your post made me think of this thread and the associated ticket ( SLI-1176

Does this clarify things?

We recently received community reports mentioning that the exclusions settings are not clear.

This is because we don’t take into account the exclusions during 2 cases:

  • When triggering a manual analysis on the current file
  • When triggering a report on one or multiple files.