Sonarlint 10.x on Eclipse uses a lot of disk space (several tens of Go)


On Windows 10, Eclipse 2024-03, Sonarlint with multiple java project, connected on Sonarqube

A lot of disk space is used by the plugin:
directory worskspace/.sonarlint : 32,5 Go
directory worskapce/.sonarlint/default : 21,2 Go
directory worskapce/.sonarlint/storage: 11,2 Go

I think it started with version 10 of the plugin.
I don’t know how much it took before this version, but it was negligible.
Is this normal?


Hi @Ricetrac ,

Could you please provide a bit more information about the folder structure inside of worskapce/.sonarlint/storage and worskapce/.sonarlint/default and what is stored inside?

From version 10, the Eclipse SonarLint plugin starts a separate process for a library providing a backend implementation. I suspect the process might not be terminating cleanly, which may cause some leftover files to be present.



Hi @vojtech.suchy

Thank’s for your response.
Attached is a Word document summarizing the contents of these directories.
directory (222.5 KB)