Sonarlink on Visual Studio 2019 doesn't display issues on output window(From SonarLint)

Hi there,

  • I had installed SonarLint for VS2019 and connected with SonarQube server

  • Bounded the server with required project connection

  • It is cpp solution,on trying to run code analysis ,not able to see any issue been listed under output window of SonarLint

  • Instead I see logs like below:
    Downloading the daemon…
    Finished downloading the daemon.
    Checking for suppressions…
    Number of suppressions found: 0
    Saving notifications settings…
    Saving notifications settings…

Any idea ?I had seen in extension’s marketplace page that errors have to be listed under output window from SonarLint.

Hi @Jenifer_Rajendren - welcome to the community.

Issues detected by the analyzers will be reported in the VS Error List:

Only exception/error occurring in SonarLint itself are logged in the output window to assist with troubleshooting.

Thanks @duncanp .

But for me it had never shown messages for C/C++ projects, am able to see below files under .sonarlint folder of my solution:

I had followed steps mentioned as in my previous thread,can you assist me on this ?


@Jenifer_Rajendren do you see any issues in standalone mode?

Creating a new project and adding the following to a .cpp file should trigger S1135:

// TODO: 

The output window should contain something like the following:

Analyzing D:\repos\sq\slvs.samples\standalone\vs2019\Cpp_WindowsProject_VS2019\Source.cpp
Finished analyzing D:\repos\sq\slvs.samples\standalone\vs2019\Cpp_WindowsProject_VS2019\Source.cpp, analysis time: 0,102s
Found 1 issue(s) for D:\repos\sq\slvs.samples\standalone\vs2019\Cpp_WindowsProject_VS2019\Source.cpp