SonarCloud - Stuck on publishing quality gate result


Some of our master branch builds have started to get stuck on the publish quality gate step in VSTS. When I look at the background task in SonarCloud, the task has a state of cancelled.

The task doesn’t have any error context and it looks as if the changes are present in SonarCloud, however are builds aren’t completing.

Does anyone have any suggestions? It is worth noting that other branches and pull request branches are going through ok.


Hi Peter,

Could you give me the task ID so that I could look at the logs ?

Some of the IDs are as follows:



We are also experiencing this issue in our VSTS builds.

Hi guys,

We took a deep look into our logs, and it looks like there were some communication issues within the cluster which have randomly impacted some analyses (that were wrongly set as canceled).

We cleaned the situation yesterday at 6 PM CEST, and since then we haven’t noticed any new issue of that kind.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Fabrice,

Yes we are all running normally again now.


We are facing the same issue. All are builds are stuck. Would appreciate if anyone can look into this on priority as it halting all our builds and the error logs are descriptive.

Thanks in advance.

Having same issue. All builds are stuck.