Publish Quality Gate Step is failing from Azure DevOps (VSTS)


(Bertrand Thomas) #1

Since yesterday our builds on “Azure DevOps” (VSTS) are failing at step “Publish Quality Gate Step”:

  • SonarCloud
  • with a timeout we have this error: “2019-01-29T09:41:28.9147866Z ##[error][SQ] Task failed with status FAILED”
  • without a timeout with have the warning: “2019-01-29T13:06:21.2136921Z ##[warning]Task ‘AWiZt6n4wLm-hKbaiNOO’ takes too long to complete. Stopping after 0s of polling. No quality gate will be displayed on build result.”

There are no more information to debug, it has been working fine for several monthes.

Is it possible to get some help?


(Bertrand Thomas) #2

It started to work again this morning.

As we already experienced this issue last December, would it be possible to get some advice on how to investigate further on such issue happens?

(Bertrand Thomas) #3

Issue identified and workaround found!

To investigate, you need to manually subscribe to the notifications from SonarCloud web page.


Doing so, you’ll receive an email like:

[SonarCloud] XXX: Background task in failure
Project: XXX
Background task: xxx
Submission time: 2019-01-30T11:53:41+0100
Failure time: 2019-01-30T11:53:43+0100
Error message: Due to an upgrade, you need first to re-analyze the target branch ‘dev’ before analyzing this pull request.
More details at:

By manually launching the IC build on dev branch, and relaunching the build on the branch (PR) then it’s fixed!

I think this kind of email alert should be activated by default for the administrators (owners).

Also, there is the status page to check the health of SonarCloud system:

(Alex) #4

This is still happening for us

Also reported late last year

(Bertrand Thomas) #5

Hello Alex, have you subscribed to the notifications from your profile on SonarCloud?

By doing so, I have understood that, when SonarCloud makes an update, we need to manually reevaluate the metrics on the base branch.

(Alex) #6

Thanks Bertrand - how to force a re-evaluation on the base branch ?

Will kicking off a build do that ?

(Bertrand Thomas) #7

Yes it worked for us.

For every git repository, we have a Continuous Integration (CI) Build in Azure DevOps (our build platform), that does build + test + publish Sonar results.
I just have to queue manually a new CI job on “dev” branch (which is our default/base branch) to solve the issue on Sonar.

Azure Devops / VSTS Publish Quality Gate Result task for sonarqube is failing builds
(Alex) #8

Cool - I’ll re-enable the publish steps tomorrow and see what gives -

Thanks Bertrand