SonarCloud stopped working at any moment

Good afternoon, SonarCloud is executed through Github branch decoration, but 2 days ago all the executions, in all the environments, remain in the status “SonarCloud Code Analysis Expected — Waiting for status to be reported”, but no error is displayed. In SonarCloud the executions do not appear. To rule out I changed the Token and checked the payment status and everything was in order. Greetings!

Are you using Automatic Analysis or CI-based analysis (using Jenkins, GitHub actions, etc.)?

hello! Im using the Branch protection rule “Status checks that are required.” with SonarCloud Code Analysis in GitHub

Hey there.

I’m trying to understand how the analysis is run – what do you see under your SonarCloud project’s Administration > Analysis Method?

Automatic Analysis

I’ve messaged you privately for some more details.

Hi Pauli!

We discovered some bugs with the reporting of the status of PR that are scanned by the Automatic Analysis and fail, they look like stuck in progress, and we are currently working on a fix.

Is it what you are experiencing? Does your main branch analysis work?

Hi Grégoire,

now i cant select code inspection option with SonarCloud only in this project :frowning_face:

hi, do you have any update for me?

hi, do you have any update for me?


The fix has been deployed, can you please confirm that the issue has been resolved?


Hi! I just tried, but it has not been solved :frowning:

Are you still seeing the analysis as being in progress? Or do you see a failed analysis now instead?
If you see a failed analysis now, can you share the analysis ID?

Hello! now I don’t even have the option to assign the code inspection run to the branch from github, so it’s impossible for it to run from github.

Your screenshot is about merge checks on Github. It’s unrelated to running the automatic analysis.

Is your repository correctly bound to a SonarSource project? Is the automatic analysis correctly activated for this project? If yes you should start seeing PR analysis in SonarCloud and they shouldn’t be stuck in progress anymore.