SonarCloud - Sorting of projects doesn't always work

When selecting a sort order to display the list of projects in SonarCloud, the are re-arranged but not in the correct order.

I see this with Overall Status perspective when selecting any Sort By option, e.g.
Here I would expect the project with 78 Bugs to be on top, right?

Hello @alexvaccaro , thanks for your submission and sorry for the late reply.

We investigated this and came to the conclusion that this is, in fact, the expected behavior. There are two different aspects to clarify here:

  1. The “Sort by: Reliability” option is sorting by Reliability Rating, which is the letter that you can see by the number of bugs.
  2. Some of your projects are “New” (created less than 7 days ago) and those are going to be sorted on top while this tag is there.

I hope I answered your question and if you have any other remarks or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Hi @Antonio_Garcia , so just I understand this right, you are saying that “New” projects are displayed at the top of the list regardless of the sort order?
Can I control this and if not, why is this the expected behaviour?

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I’ve never come across a product that has a sort function and then has its own internal logic for displaying those results based on tags (“New”) that you can’t control.

The sort function here is next to useless in its current guise