SonarCloud Scan with App Center React Native

Hello Sonar Community,

I want to know if we can integrate SonarCloud with Microsoft App Center.

We have a React Native app and we need to do a scan with App Center.

I have tried to search documentation and I have not found anything that allows me to perform this configuration.

Let me know how we can achieve it.

Thank you,

Hi Dario,

Welcome to the community!

I guess you want to use Microsoft App Center to automate your analysis? What DevOps platform do you use to store your code? Azure DevOps?


Hi Ann, Actually We use the Azure DevOps for store the code, thanks for your help.


Okay, so your best bet is to do the normal onboarding of your project from Azure DevOps. That onboarding wizard will give you some guidance about how to analyze. You’ll just need to adapt it slightly to how Microsoft App Center. I’m not familiar with Microsoft App Center, so I can’t tell you what form that adaptation will take, but I’m guessing it won’t be hard.